FileMaker on Android

For the first time access to your FileMaker server from your Android smartphone.


FileMaker on Android

For the first time, access to a FileMaker server is encapsulated in an Android application. No FileMaker app on your Android phone, just Webdirect access built into an Android app.

Available for all Android phones.

Requires setting up Webdirect on your FileMaker server.


Use your FileMaker Pro databases on Android with all the features Webdirect .

Work remotely

Connect from anywhere to all of your FileMaker databases set up in the Android app.

See the example on Youtube

To understand how the application works, see this video on Youtube .


How it works ?

Configure the database

To work, you need FileMaker Server with the functionality of Webdirect . Once activated on your server, give the user access rights to Webdirect to your account.

Configure the application

Select the type of http or https address, type the url and the full name (with extension * .fmp12) of your FIleMaker Pro database. Choose a name and access your database.

Access to your databases

Once your FileMaker Pro database is configured on your server and configured in our application, you can access it as if you were in Webdirect. You can configure as many databases as you want!

A custom FileMaker Android application for your clients ?

Want a custom Android mobile app to access FileMaker Pro for your customers ?